Just something I dont Understand

I don’t understand why every time a crime happens between races, It is automatically a hate crime… Why are we so quick to make the racist call?

Are we all not people? Why are we letting the media segregate us mentally to where we are scared or spiteful of someone from another race? Why can’t we see that YES, there are a few bad seeds out there but all in all as a society we should stick together and weed those bad seeds out instead of creating more of a conflict for something so stupid as the color of someone’s skin? For fucks sake, I don’t even know why “racism” even exists. Are we really that bored with our lives that we have to hate on someone (who we probably don’t know) for something they will never be able to control? If we had a fucking ounce of true religion, we would love one another unconditionally, is that not true?

If you just do what you are supposed to be doing, then there is no need to stress because you are on task. If you get lazy and lack on your responsibilities you are inviting the possibility of stress from having too much time on your hands.
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