A Change of Path

My journey has always been about success. I have always desired to have a lot of money, an extravagant vocabulary, and a graceful way of living. I have never been the object of someone’s envy and I’ve always wanted someone to want to be like me. Now I realize that that is all so shallow. Instead of daydreaming, I was calculating what I need to do to get to a certain place or thing. I got distracted and began to ignore the beauty of this world. Now, I have come to an understanding that the physical things don’t matter. At the end of the day, it’s always the internal battle that keeps me awake at night. It separates me from my sweet dreams. It is absolutely true that your thoughts control you. So here’s my advice to whoever reads this, or just a reminder in case you’ve already heard this. Release your inner demons. Accept things the way they are and make the best of each situation by thinking positively and remaining as beautiful as you can be. Smile for no reason. Everything that happens is for a greater purpose. Let go of the grudges that you have accumulated. People will wrong you, and instead of poisoning your own heart with hard feelings, reflect on yourself and pray for understanding (some people are just crazy and there’s nothing you can do about it). There is more love in this world than you could ever imagine, it’s quite the definition of infinite. Surround yourself with positive energy from positive people. Find peace within yourself, even if you don’t have a religion, you can meditate on all the beauty that flows through your veins. On the beauty of the universe as it is. For every bad thought, train yourself to thinking two good thoughts. For everything that makes you feel bad, do something that makes you feel good. There is no reason to be unhappy in this beautiful existence. I urge you to find peace and happiness. I love you and I’m not the only one. And remember this:  

"Beauty attracts beauty"

If you just do what you are supposed to be doing, then there is no need to stress because you are on task. If you get lazy and lack on your responsibilities you are inviting the possibility of stress from having too much time on your hands.
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